Kloop Media Foundation

Kloop promotes freedom of speech and democratic values by educating the next generation of journalists in Central Asia.

Our Story.

The Kloop Media Foundation was first established in 2008 with the purpose of creating high-quality, inspirational and universally-accessible educational opportunities for the brightest youth in the Kyrgyz Republic of Central Asia. Since that time, hundreds of students have received otherwise unavailable training in western-based journalism practices. Central Asia is a critical battleground for democratic values. Many of the region’s countries have failed or struggling democracies, but in the Kyrgyz Republic,
democracy has taken a strong hold in the hearts of the electorate. Though certainly not perfect, Kyrgyzstan does enjoy freedom of speech and a censor-free media; a fact that few of their neighbors can boast. In 2013, Kloop established a support office in Austin, TX for the purpose of raising awareness and support for this important topic and to develop further educational and study abroad opportunities for Kloop students to learn from American journalists.

What We Do. Everyday.


Kloop manages funds from philanthropic gifts and grants to expand our reach and change more lives. These monies are necessary to our success and we thank you for the generosity!

Cross-Cultural Engagement

With our international presence and contacts around the world, we are able to help students engage with foreign pen pals and successfully participate in study abroad opportunities.

Experience in the Field

Kloop has been training journalists and inspiring youth since 2008. With a professional staff with more than 100 combined years of experience, we are leaders in our field.

Empowering Women

Kloop works with young women to inspire a future with broader choices and the confidence to make those choices. Our focus on gender-balance is at the middle of everything we do.

Pro Democracy

Central Asia’s developing democracies are in need of professional journalists to build an informed electorate. Kloop supports this through world-class journalism education.

Supporting Dialogue

We believe that reporting the news is more than a one-way dialogue. Kloop promotes community discussions and encourages the public to engage with our student journalists.

Creative Writing

Telling a compelling story requires sharp writing skills. Student’s works are put in the spotlight through the articles they publish, in addition to creative pieces ranging from poetry to screenplays.

Radio Journalism

All of Kloop’s daily headlines are translated into Russian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek radio broadcasts which are syndicated to more than 6 million people everyday via community radio stations.

Leveraging Mobile

By deploying mobile devices and trainings to journalists in rural areas in the region, Kloop gives wider voice and greater access to information for the most remote populations.

Photo Journalism

As a multi-disciplinary journalism school, we find students engage creatively with imagery. That’s why photojournalism is at the center of our core curriculum.

Advanced IT Courses

Technology and the internet are the future and Kloop is training the next generation of programmers, web developers and IT specialists while sharpening critical thinking skills.

Video Production

As internet bandwidth becomes more accessible in Central Asia, Kloop is leading the charge to develop streaming video services and putting more video content online.

Support Central Asian Free Speech

Empowering A Generation

We believe today’s youth are the future of Central Asia. Our programs
empower these leaders to build a strong democracy by promoting free
speech and open access to information.

Success Story Ulugbek Akishev

Having been engaged in journalism since the age of 17, Ulugbek entered the Journalism department at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and then came to Kloop for additional training during his university years. Today Ulugbek Akishev is one of the most successful...

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Success story Dmitry Denisenko

Dmitry Denisenko is one of the first alumni of the Kloop School of Journalism who joined in 2007 as a schoolboy. After just one year at Kloop - at the age of 17 - he was employed as a reporter by the major news agency in Kyrgyzstan - AKIpress - and became one of the...

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Photo Journalism

Students of the Kloop School of Journalism are trained in photo journalism. Here are some examples of their work.

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Research Methods Taught

Every year, about 50 young people graduate from the Kloop School of Journalism in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Students are typically secondary school and university students. These students represent the brightest and most driven students in the country. While  journalism...

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Students Visit Parliament

Kloop does its best to expand the knowledge of the students and to provide them with the basics of political science, human rights and freedoms, as well as legislative events of Kyrgyzstan, which are poorly taught in schools. Three reporters of Kloop have a permanent...

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Kloop Student Studies in USA

Azat Ruziev, age 16, is a 2011 alumni of the Kloop School of Journalism and a student of the specialized class, organized in the framework of Kloop since September 2012. Azat came to Kloop in the summer of 2011 at the age of 14 and was one of the most active students...

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