School of Journalism


High school and university students from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States can participate in this program.

The program includes following courses:

  • News reporting
  • Photography
  • Radio Journalism
  • Media law (general/Kyrgyzstan)
  • Course of choice (between business reporting, technology news, sports reporting).

During three months the participants will learn to produce high quality news and photo reports, work with radio equipment and write official requests to the governmental institutions.

Fall School of Journalism is a great opportunity to get in the thick of things and to master all new mobile technologies!

Summer school of Journalism: updates

Kloop Summer School of Journalism in Bishkek is at its height!

This week 12 young journalists master their reflecting and mobile cameras.

During this course they learn the basics of photography:

– Genres of shooting – portrait and reportage
– Rules of composition
– Techniques of shooting
– Angles and perspective
– Technical issues: exposure, diaphragm, ISO, focus.

On their third day of the course they already got their first assignment – this time they had to tell the story of Bishkek transport in pictures, and here is their collective output: