Kloop does its best to expand the knowledge of the students and to provide them with the basics of political science, human rights and freedoms, as well as legislative events of Kyrgyzstan, which are poorly taught in schools. Three reporters of Kloop have a permanent accreditation to the Parliament, so they have constant access to official meetings and to the members of parliament.

In addition, every winter Kloop organizes a visit for all its students to Jogorku Kenesh (the official name of the Parliament in Kyrgyzstan) in order to familiarize them with the structure of the political system of the state and to meet parliamentarians.

Besides a standard tour, all young Kloopers attend the session, meet with deputies and experts, and can conduct interviews.

During the last visit, students met the MP Dastan Bekeshev, chairing one of the central committees on human rights and legitimacy.