azat-hostfamily-usaAzat Ruziev, age 16, is a 2011 alumni of the Kloop School of Journalism and a student of the specialized class, organized in the framework of Kloop since September 2012. Azat came to Kloop in the summer of 2011 at the age of 14 and was one of the most active students from his group and from Kloop’s history.

Living with his parents in the village of Karakol, in 2012 Azat moved to Bishkek to attend the journalism classes at Kloop.

During the academic year, Azat has astonishingly produced more than 100 news stories for the website. He has covered the opposition rallies in the south of Kyrgyzstan, wrote a story about the Kumtor gold mining company financing the Issyk-Kul region and covered political trials.

azat-radioAs a student of the specialized class, Azat applied to the FLEX exchange program sponsored by the US State Department for high-school children. From hundreds of students who applied in Kyrgyzstan, Azat was awarded the opportunity to study in Ohio for one year beginning in August of 2013.

Azat is now living in Worthington, Ohio and attends Kilborne High School. He has a blog in English and Russian, where he posts and describes his impressions and experiences:

“The last year, despite trying so hard, I could not even get to the second round of FLEX exchange program. Probably my laziness and poor English have played a key role in that. Being a specialized class student I became more serious with my studies and spent more time studying English language. As a result, a surprising and very happy event happened – this year I was chosen as one of the finalists!” – Azat Ruziev