Dmitry Denisenko is one of the first alumni of the Kloop School of Journalism who joined in 2007 as a schoolboy.

After just one year at Kloop – at the age of 17 – he was employed as a reporter by the major news agency in Kyrgyzstan – AKIpress – and became one of the full-time journalists of the business news desk.

In autumn 2011 Denisenko got a job at the biggest newspaper of Kyrgyzstan, Vecherniy Bishkek. Being considered by the editor as one of the most talented journalists of the newspaper, Dmitry was then invited to become a part of the team of a new project – an online version of newspaper –

Together with another Kloop alumnus, Anna Yalovkina, Denisenko has become an important part of team, and in less than a year, it became one of the most popular internet news outlets in Kyrgyzstan.

Today Denisenko continues his work in the online edition of the newspaper and is considered by the editor-in-chief, Dina Maslova, as one of the key reporters. Denisenko covers current events of business and the economy of Kyrgyzstan, publishes stories and investigations, creates infographics and shoots video.