Having been engaged in journalism since the age of 17, Ulugbek entered the Journalism department at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and then came to Kloop for additional training during his university years. Today Ulugbek Akishev is one of the most successful alumni of the Kloop School of Journalism.

Ulugbek’s trainings in journalism coincided with a difficult period in the history of Kyrgyzstan – after only a few months of reporting, being a university sophomore, Ulugbek covered the raising of tariffs on electricity and opposition rallies prior to the overthrow of president Kurmanbek Bakiyev in April 2010.

In April 2010, when Kyrgyzstan suffered a coup-d’etat, Ulugbek was an important part of Kloop’s team, covering those events.


Ulugbek covered the parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as the major political events of the transition period. He had worked for a long time as a parliamentary correspondent for Kloop.kg and published a live-blog during the discussions of the most important draft laws by the members of the parliament.

His sportsmanship allowed Ulugbek to cover football matches in both Kyrgyzstan and abroad – in April 2013  he spent several weeks with the junior football team of Kyrgyzstan and covered the qualifying rounds in Kuwait and Iran.

After his graduation from the Political science department at the Kyrgyz National University, Ulugbek won a bursary of the People’s Friedship University of Russia, considered as one of most authoritative academic institutions in Russia, and now he is continuing his studies in Moscow.